Sunday, January 23, 2011

I got you babe

Ethan and Olivia have been forced to be best friends since the day Ethan was born. And just recently they have actually learned to really enjoy each others company. They play so good together and are so funny when they're together. And hey if they happen to get married to each other that's ok by me. But I just wanted to show you how cute they were together- and how much I love watching these two play together. It makes my heart melt a little

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Traditionally on Christmas Eve we have our big christmas dinner with my sister and her family- then the kids open up one present- which happens to be jammies. My kids haven't figured out that it's always gonna be jammies either. But they were happy anyway. So here we were at lacy's house opening up presents Christmas Eve

doesn't ethan look bored and ready to open presents already? Or just tired of being the only boy around- I'm not sure. It's like he has 4 older sisters
New jammies! Who knew?

New christmas book- it's a charlie brown christmas book. (I have a thing for the peanut characters especially pig pen)

ready for the night
- after we opened jammies we all went to the movies and watched Tangled. It was really funny. And a great way to pass the time. On the way home the kids were looking for santa in the sky. Haylee even said she thought she saw him :)

Christmas 2010

Christmas morning waiting for the kids to wake up
Haylee was the first one up- and we made her wait a little while before she could go downstairs (which was torture for her & us) because Ethan wasn't awake yet. And we didn't want him to miss everything. But we let Haylee go down and go through her stocking while we waited for Ethan to get up

Ethan finally woke up to look at his stocking
Seeing what santa left them in his bag

Haylee got more little pet shops and Ethan got a scooter like he wanted.

Finally we can open presents!!!

Woody & Buzz boots! Just like he always wanted

This present is sooo big! She didn't know who it was for

Could hardly wait to open it!

Haylee was so excited the big present was for her!

Sheriff woody was dressed up and ready for christmas

We had a great little christmas at home and with lacy's family. It was relaxing ( I even took a nap) and low key. We wish we had more family around to spend it with, but it's also nice to just be home and let the kids play with their new toys all day. And we can go back and forth from lacy's house to eat and play games with each other

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

getting ready for christmas time

The kids are really excited for christmas this year. (what? unlike every other year??? ya right) Ok, kids are excited about christmas every year. Haylee has had a hard time making up her mind what she wants though. (is that a good thing or a bad thing?) She finally decided to ask santa for little pet shops and Ethan asked santa for a scooter. Which he has wanted for a while now- and mom and dad have been coaching him to ask for (just in case he really does get one :) It was really funny because he asked santa for a scooter- like we've been telling him to- and then when we got home he goes "where's my scooter?" like I asked santa for it like you guys said, now where is it? I guess we forgot to tell him he has to wait until christmas morning

The kids were really good in line to see santa- even though the line was really long

This is the sunday before christmas- in our christmas clothes.

Looking a little too grown up

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Snow day

Snow day around here means fun friends day! The kids didn't waste much time getting in the snow after they heard there wasn't any school for the day

Haylee and Brooklyn
Racheal and Ethan decided they wanted to make the worlds largest snowman... only problem with that they couldn't get a second piece of the snowman on the first piece- it was too big and heavy

baby snowmen

Halloween 2010

Halloween was more than just a day this year- it was the whole weekend. With it being on sunday- Haylee had her school party friday. Then we had our ward trunk or treat saturday night- and then went trick or treating sunday. So it was a fun candy filled weekend.
Here's ethan at the trunk or treat-
Right away Ethan found his honey Hattie - and had to give her a little sugar
Haylee found her BFF brooklyn and they were off and I didn't see them much the rest of the night

My cute kids together

Ethan and his new friend Bryson came with us to the trunk or treat and then we went together for real trick or treating

The kids practicing their trick or treating skills next door at tiki's house

Trick or treating... I don't know if you can see or not- but Ethan the cowboy has Bryson's ninja sword and Bryson the ninja has ethan's cowboy guns. And they both had each other's toys the whole night- and it didn't bother them. It was funny

school carnival

Haylee had a school carnival this fall- and the kids a lot of different activities that day. But my favorite one by far was watching them do the doughnut eating contest! They were both so funny- and much better than I thought they would be at it! So i thought I would post the pictures for your enjoyment

ethan just gave up after awhile and used his hands- totally cheating, but that's ok

a day on the farmstead

It's a rarity around here for daddy to have a saturday off, and mommy not have work to do/or shows to be at on that saturday, or just us not having other plans for the day. So when daddy had the day off and haylee had a soccer game in the morning- we had the rest of the day off- and WIDE open to do anything we wanted as a family. So we took the kids to a pumpkin patch and played all day. It was a beautiful day out- and we brought a picnic lunch and just played all day together.
mini haystack maze - it was so little we let the kids go in by themselve and we waited at the end.

They had a corn launcing gun- and the target just so happen to be right in front of cows- so it was more fun to see if you could hit the cows instead. Ethan loved this

We did a giant corn maze- and about half way through we told the kids they could be in charge of choosing which way we went. This kinda freaked ethan out because he kept saying "we're lost...maybe we should call tiki to come get us" (tiki is my sister lacy, and she wasn't even there)

They have this giant jumping pillow to bounce on! Ethan wouldn't have a thing to do with it- but daddy and haylee had a blast!

instead of a sandbox- they have a cornbox for kids to play in. Which was just as fun- and a little less messy - so I liked it

The only thing ethan wanted all day was a "baby" pumpkin... and that's what he got- it made his whole day.

Haylee on the other hand picked out the biggest pumpkin she could carry- which made her whole day too